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Welcome to Ridders of Caerbannong's guild forums.
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Successful Operations

Eigein, Jan 25, 12 11:49 PM.
Congrats to everyone who participated in tonight's EV OP! This is our second time completing EV, but our first time completing it in one run with minimal wipes. Thanks to everyone who came out and I hope everyone is able to make it to tomorrow's OP for Karagga's Palace!

*UPDATE* We have successfully cleared Karagga's Palace on Normal Mode and we will most likely be doing EV Hard Mode this coming Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who came out!


Eigein, Jan 1, 12 10:32 PM.
We are starting to see more and more of our members becoming 50 or getting close to this achievement. This will undoubtedly lead into questions about Operations. We don't have a whole lot of info on Operations, yet, as we will require about 16 people to do one and we plan on utilizing our ally, Grievance, to help us out with this and vice versa. Although we do have a tentative raid schedule set up, it is definitely subject to change depending on how quickly we are able to get an Op group together. We will most likely discuss more info on this in an upcoming guild meeting, possibly later this month.

Also we are still recruiting all tank classes. We will take other classes, but we are mainly looking for tanks as of right now.

Guild Needs

Razriel, Nov 28, 11 12:50 PM.
As we are getting closer and closer to release, the guild is coming more and more together at the same time.
With the massive beta coming to an end and the guild running together through most of the beta; I, Razriel, just wanted to say how much fun it was and the laughter in Team Speak was the topping for me.

We are accepting all tank classes right now.

Head start has begun and a few of our members where luck to get in right at the start. The rest of us are still waiting, but will get in before to long.
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